Personal finance education is key to improving the financial stability of millions of Europeans.

Children's early relationship with money will impact their finances as adults. This is why it’s so important for teachers and caregivers to help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to build healthy financial habits today.

To begin, kids should become familiar with the basic concepts of financial literacy. This includes core topics like spending choices, saving, and investments.

Our vision

To properly manage your money, start learning early. We empower teenagers to take charge of their financial future.


High-quality courses on all financial topics in german and english language: engaging and convenient – reach kids, teens and schools anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Personalized learning

Teachers can differentiate their classroom and engage every teenager.


7 - 11 years olds

Just 37% of young people say they received key elements of financial education at school or home.
45% of parents are concerned about their children will never be financially stable and fall into debt or be scammed.

Young adults
18-24 years old

70% spend money on something they had second thoughts about.
70% already have gambling experience.
The most likely age group to turn to payday loans and high-interest loans to make ends meet.
Source: FCA; Goldman Sachs, Gambling Commission, 2019

The first online education platform for teenagers

For kids and teens

Participate in our online classes to learn personal finance basics through fun and engaging activities. And Get started off on the path to YOUR financial freedom.

For teachers

Increase children money know-how at school and start them off with the right money mindset. Share the knowledge about saving, spending, investing and charitable giving. Interesting, valued and “ready-to-go” content for YOUR projects and lessons.

For schools

Provide online financial education programs that change children's lives and reduce the impact financial stress has on individuals, families, schools, businesses and communities. Improved productivity and efficiency and strengthened brand identity at YOUR school.


Tools to empower teachers + teacher’s guides included.
Trusted content created by experts from financial industry.
We comply data protection with the highest standards.


All-in-one finance: We bring all of your money to one place. We expose kids & teens to financial scenarios such as saving for a goal and dealing with debts.
Budgets made simple - easily create budgets. Students learn how to track every income and expense.
Financial Freedom Mindset: Our materials are designed to help kids succeed in life by incorporating core values, such as gratitude, and teaching them to have a healthy, balanced attitude and money approach.
I really liked how Babett explained every detail of each part and gave us each a real life situation in each lesson. My students have a new knowledge on how real life situations are being affected when it comes to spending money. They have a different perspective now between a want and a need from what was taught based on this course. It was definitely an eye opener and made them become a better future saver. Wish I would have had the opportunity to take a class like this 15 years ago!
M. Wahrlich, Teacher


We create and deliver innovative, high-impact and high-energy financial education programmes. Our experts help to build young people’s money knowledge, skills, mindsets and habits at german schools.

Karolina Decker

Karolina ist Mitbegründer und CEO von FinMarie - der ersten Online-Investmentplattform für Frauen in Europa. Sie verfügt über mehr als zehn Jahre Erfahrung im Finanzsektor, zunächst als Managerin bei DnB NORD (Immobilienfinanzierung), mit einer Verantwortung von über 20 Mitarbeitern und einem Finanzierungsvolumen von 250 Mio. € pro Jahr. Während ihrer Zeit bei der Deutschen Bank in Berlin (Compliance) stellte sie fest, dass weibliche Kunden andere Fragen stellen als Männer und einen anderen Ansatz zur Schaffung von finanzieller Unabhängigkeit verfolgen.

Als sie das Problem erkannte begann sie an einer Lösung zu arbeiten. Die Mama von zwei Kindern startete im August 2017 mit einer Kollegin Mind the Gap e.V – Für Frauen, die mehr über ihre Finanzen erfahren möchten. Das Meetup- und Seminarformat zum Thema “Women & Wealth” findet nun bundesweit statt. Die Community “Mind the Gap” umfasst mehr als 3000 Frauen und wächst kontinuierlich.

Babett ist Gründerin, Mama, Podcasterin und Finanzcoach für Frauen. Sie ist Finanzexpertin und hat 17 Jahre über 10.000 Kunden in 4 verschiedenen Banken beraten. Zu ihren Kunden gehörten Vorstände, Unternehmer, Politiker und Musiker.

Babett Mahnert hat im Februar 2019 die Goldfrau gegründet, um Frauen mit Leichtigkeit und Nachhaltigkeit in ihren Finanzen zu unterstützen. Ihre Vision ist es, dass Frauen sich ein finanziell unabhängiges Leben mit ihrem sicheren Einkommen aufbauen. "Let's talk about Money, Honey".

Babett Mahnert

Lisa Reinheimer

Lisa ist Lehrerin und Lerncoach. Mit ihrem #1-Podcast “Klassenheld” befähigt sie Eltern und Pädagogen, ihre Kinder glücklich und erfolgreich durch die Schule zu bringen. Sie kombiniert dabei Methoden aus dem Lerncoaching und der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und macht die “Spielregeln” des Spiels “Schule” transparent für Eltern und Jugendliche.

Arbeitserfahrung sammelte sie an verschiedenen Schulen in Deutschland, Hong Kong und Singapur und hat daraufhin das Regelschulsystem ganz bewusst verlassen. Ihr persönliches Schulglück hat sie an einer Montessorischule gefunden, in der sie Jugendliche von der 9-13 Klasse auf dem Weg in ihre Traumzukunft begleitet.

CEO - Babett Mahnert

Babett is a founder, mom and financial coach. She has advised over 10,000 clients in 4 different banks over 17 years. Her customers included board members, entrepreneurs, politicians and musicians. Babett founded her company Goldfrau in February 2019 to support women with joy and sustainability to take care of their finances. Your vision is for women to build a financially free life so that they can pass on this valuable experience to their children. "Lets talk about money, honey".

CFO - Karolina Decker

Karolina is a co-founder & CEO of FinMarie - first online investment platform for women in Europe. She has over ten years experience in the financial sector, initially as a manager at DnB NORD (real estate financing).Later during her time with Deutsche Bank in Berlin (Compliance), she noticed that female clients ask different questions than men and have a different approach to wealth creation. As soon as she recognized the problem, she started working on a solution. The mother of two children started the regular series of events with a colleague in August 2017 Mind the Gap e.V ( for women to learn about their finances.

Lisa Reinheimer

Lisa is a Teacher and learning coach. She combines methods from learning coaching and personal development and makes the “rules of the game” of the game “School” transparent to parents and young people. Lisa gained work experience at various schools in Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore and has deliberately left the regular school system. She found her personal school happiness at a Montessori school, where she accompanies teenagers from 9-13 years on their way to their dream future.

Susanne Leidescher

Susanne's heart beats for sustainability. In her job in a business development of offshore wind farms, she deals with the global energy transition.

It is particularly important to her that both boys and girls are introduced to the topic of finance and sustainable investments at an early age. They can make better decisions for their own lives. In her podcast "Investments for future", Susanne explains women how they can invest their money sustainably for retirement provision and their financial independence.

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